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Interested in applying
for a scholarship from the Rainbow Fund?

The Rainbow Fund is a need-based scholarship for writers of any genre under the umbrella of diversity.

You might just be the writer the world has been waiting for. Ready?

Our Rainbow Fund was open for submissions from June 6 to July 31

Winners for 2022 are announced in October and November.

Stay sharp, connect with your muse, and keep writing for 2023 Storyteller Foundation scholarships to Paris in spring 2023 and the UK in autumn 2023 

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Imagine with us...

The Storyteller Foundation is committed to empowering gifted, emerging voices under the umbrella of our RainbowFund scholarships. By dialoguing with myriad cultures, orientations, and beliefs, together we inspire a more harmonious world.


To paraphrase Joseph Campbell - it’s not the politicians who lead the people, but the storytellers, and we believe with more diverse representation among our writers, we have the brightest tinder for greater global compassion and unity.

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Our Story

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Diversity is being invited to the party;

inclusion is being asked to dance.

~Verna Myers



Created in 2022, the Rainbow Fund is an essential need-based award to support, elevate, and amplify exceptional writers, screenwriters, poets, and playwrights - far too long underrepresented in the authentic and inclusive weave of humanity's stories. With supportive kindred souls like you, we are building scholarship resources for five full scholarships and 15 partial diversity scholarships for Story Summit at The Kauai Writers Conference in November 2022 and for 20 women of diversity to attend the Her Spirit Story Summit in December 2022. A select group will further be invited to ongoing mentorship for a year in pre-selected online classes with the Story Summit Writers School as our gift.

For those who would like to help with our Rainbow Fund Raising initiative and open the door to greater understanding, please read below for a few important points on diversity. Links are also included if you wish to read the full articles or see the latest. Data is constantly shifting, as are the definitions of individual and group identity, yet it doesn't always feel better as we've all seen in the most recent climate, so we thank you for your heart to help.

Please peruse our pages for toolkits and links on how you can join our community of game-changers at any level. Together, we are rewriting the narrative for a happier and healthier world. Welcome!



Jane Sibbett, Chair Storyteller Foundation

Candace Green Blust, Chief of Diversity, Storyteller Foundation


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Have you read the information for our Storyteller Foundation Rainbow Fund and still have questions about how to submit on Submittable? Let's connect.

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