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Who We Are

The Storyteller Foundation is the 501(c)3 non-profit arm of Story Summit and the Story Summit Writers School, and behind all the names above is the mission to help writers from all walks of life of life mine their stories, get the support they need to write, elevate, and amplify their works of heart, hand, and soul.

And deeply woven into this mission is a crew of hard-working people here to help. Here's an important letter from one of our finest:

Dear Fellow Creatives,

Since being honored with the new position of Chief of Diversity at the Storyteller Foundation, I’ve thought about how to best serve the underrepresented voices in our field of writing. I’m excited to be working with Jane Sibbett, who is simply afire with forward motion to make this Foundation as impactful as possible.

We are making leaps and bounds with the Rainbow Fund, providing scholarship resources so that 20 women writers of African American, Latino, Asian, or indigenous heritage can attend the Her Spirit Story Summit in December 2022. Please spread the word about this impactful fund and consider supporting the cause with whatever you can share with us – money, time, or your ever-so-valuable words. Whenever you see a post, share it to your timeline! Someone you know might be the key to another voice getting to be heard.

Expanding access to the enriching programs in the Story Summit is the first step to opening up our world of story. Bringing in more diverse faculty is the next necessary step to enriching the stories that we all burn to tell.

But I also want to hear from you. Email me at to let me know your ideas on improving diversity within the Story Summit. It will take a village to lift all voices to be represented. The arts are where humanity starts and we artists will pave the way for equality in the world.

Together in Story for All,

Candace Green Blust

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