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 Story Moves Us

Co-Creating a Brighter Future with Story Summit

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 When we seek to support a healthier world we also believe in supporting the health of the game-changers and storytellers.

This is why we've dedicated a mind, body, and spirit initiative to supporting our growing holistic community of creatives who understand investing in self-care helps us all pay our gifts forward. We've created a whole calendar of free and freeing opportunities to tune up the whole instrument for the big days of walking toward a successful future as Story Moves Us.

Together we are raising vital scholarship money for the Storyteller Foundation's Rainbow Fund - uplifting phenomenally talented writers of diversity to join us on the Story Summit experience to learn and grow with the best during invaluable retreats in person, online and then, continue on with the Story Summit Writers School and its mentors.

Phase 1 
As soon as you see this -Training for mind, body, spirit, and emotions for all Story Moves us creatives begin! As we build our storytelling skills, we also will fortify the healthiest instrument of each writer/participant.

Phase 2
As soon as you see this: Team Up! Choose your team by genre - Fiction, Non-Fiction, Screenwriters, & Memoir. If you choose a team and/or pledge to raise at least $100. you can claim a free Story Moves Us T-Shirt. And you are welcome to raise funds with us far past our beginning walk on DPK Day, June 29.​ Thank you!

Phase 3
May 31, June 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, & 21: Building Your Platform begins. First in the Story Summit Writer’s School Nuts & Bolts series, this 7-class series will help prepare anyone in our Story Moves Us campaign to reach out to present and future champions of your work while simultaneously building your brand and essential social media presence. If you miss the beginning of the class, you can still watch the recorded classes and work at your own pace.​ Learn how you can always build for success as you write.

Phase 4
June 17 Fun(d)raising begins. Letters, social media posts, blogs, vlogs, and articles on how Story Summit’s Story Moves Us can move the world as you go and grow together. Look for articles of inspiration, and how to write to your potential sponsors and those who may be patrons as you expand your sphere of influence. Together we change the world as Story Moves Us.​


Phase 5
June 29 and beyond DPK Day. On the birthday of our founder, David Paul Kirkpatrick (DPK), scribes and supporters begin 5K+ walks all around the world to raise funds and awareness for essential diversity in all genres of storytelling. These are vital scholarship monies for scribes in the Story Summit programs – online and in-person and make all the difference in the world. 

We will forever seek ways to support our writers in their endeavors to learn, sharpen their stories, and hone their craft before they make the handshakes of publishing and production deals. Whether we are raising money for scholarships and fellowships or raising awareness of how essential diversity is in a healthy world of representation, we are grateful for your partnership.

Please read our testimonials and get to know our community as Storyteller Foundation Scholarship winners for Story Summit retreats continue to obtain production deals for their scripts and become published authors of note = forging relationships with the storytelling industry through the guidance, mentorship, and connections of Story Summit Writers School.


Be a Mover & Shaker

Walk, Run, Write, Give

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